Financial Intelligence

In Fintelligentia we do Quant Trading with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Also, we are innovating in Web3 tokenizing financial assets.

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Technological essence

Technology is the core of our business. We develop software that allows integration into classic and future of finance. Everything we do has code, data, lots of math, and neural networks.

Count on the past to predict the future

Data allows us to work with the software we develop. Having a large amount of past information on different financial assets allows us to accurate prediction of the future.

Statistics and Machine Learning

Together with experts in statistics and AI, we managed to understand the process of data manipulation. We have to understand how an algorithm should behave in each market situation.

We tokenize financial assets

Through the creation of cryptocurrencies we transparently and immutably represent financial assets and tangible assets. Eg Investment Funds, Obl. Negotiable and Trusts. We have software and a visual Dashboard for users that allows easy access and security.

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