Market Making

We are dedicated to driving the liquidity and efficiency of financial markets through our market making services. Our team of experienced deep technology developers allows us to provide quick and reliable execution for a diverse range of assets. With a commitment to competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, we are poised to meet the demands of the ever-evolving financial landscape.


This is a High Frequency Trading (HFT) engine that operates through a user interface that integrates data connectors from various markets, enabling the execution of strategies in an asynchronous manner. It can process tens of thousands of orders per second and is designed to execute trades or matches guided by a price match vector in accordance with the Fix Protocol or any other communication protocol.

It is a fully automated, intelligent processor backed by a robust orchestration of microservices and cloud computing infrastructure. This engine can be deployed on-premises, managed in-house or outsourced to a private, public or hybrid cloud. It is optimized for use in hyper-converged infrastructures, providing the ability to deploy a variety of services such as software-defined networks, software-defined storage, content delivery networks (CDN), and more.

At Fintelligentia, technology plays a crucial role in all our endeavors. Our expertise in utilizing cutting-edge tools and our ability to solve complex market problems at scale has earned us a reputation as a leader in software engineering. We take pride in developing almost all of our software in-house, including our mission-critical trading and risk management systems.

This technology enables the processing of any type of: fixed income, equity, financial derivatives, commodities, forex, public debt instruments, monetary regulation instruments, cash, cryptocurrencies, and exotic products in real-time and at the highest possible speed (depending on the legacy system). It is the latest technology in the field of Matching Engine.

Our development process

We detect an anomaly or something wrong in the markets
Maker orders
We put orders in the market to solve this problem as High Frecuency Traders
Fix liquidity
After seconds or minutes we fix the markets in correct way

Artificial Intelligence

Code Autonomy

Fintelligentia's model is different, we prioritize the autonomy of each model within an environment of acceptable operations and risks. It forces us to trust each algorithm, having to challenge ourselves so that the automatic decision of each process is correctly worked and monitored.

We accelerate that process through Artificial Intelligence, using what is new in this field and every available resource. All this happens within a robust risk management to be able to ideally use each development in the market.

Our style is both rigorous and pragmatic. Depending on the problem, we might draw on large-scale machine learning models, domain expertise, or pen-and-paper mathematics. We’re a firm of puzzle solvers on and off the clock.

"Working with Artificial Intelligence implies leveraging human potential, where the rules of the game become simple, without human feelings in between"

Byma & Matba Rofex

To know more about our Grains Consultatory Services for Investors, please, click here.

Fintelligentia offers a high frequency(HFT) trading platform in three versions: Sell Side, Buy Side, and Cross Border. Our OMS range is highly scalable, highly cohesive and weakly coupled, allowing for almost unlimited scalability, high availability, extreme cyber security, high frequency, and very low latency. The Fintelligentia Order Management System is the best way to manage end-to-end orders in real-time, and allows for 24/7 monitoring of its full life cycle.

Fintelligentia has developed the most powerful OMS in the market, based on a smart combination of VUEjs technology for the FrontEnd, Styled-Components, FIX server-client, and high-speed, high-resilience, and intelligent load balancing layer 7 interfaces.

As a microfront technology, VUEjs and NUXTjs offer full modularity and containerization, simplifying web development for programmers and providing fast data loading. Customization is intuitive with the use of modular components in our interface and open-source library, allowing for flexible and understandable manipulation of design and style tools.

We use our own FIX API Server for communication, connecting each strategy and bot with the interface. This is faster than using threads, rest server, or websockets due to its bi-directional multi-thread and full-duplex advanced message queue protocol capabilities, resulting in the use of both synchronous and asynchronous queues as needed by the client. In this way, we receive market information via the FIX API and process the data internally without the need for translation.

The BackEnd and MiddleOffice employs Flask as a front server and Redis as a NoSQL/XML database, commonly known as the "latency-free database", and MySql as a relational database. While it can operate on any infrastructure (with or without a server), it is designed to be implemented on a hyperconvergent infrastructure.

  • Coverage across ByMA, Matba Rofex, CME, MAE, Crypto
  • +30 strategies
  • 30.000 trades per day
  • +us$1M volume per day


We innovate in the tokenization of projects that need crowdfunding and/or a portfolio of investors / trusts.

We are a prop firm working with more than 10 CEX, DEX and pools. We have the best prices and spreads in more than 30 digital assets.

Fintelligentia has a track record of working with many of the world's most prominent projects, read this case study to learn more.

We work with ambitious projects that expect to get listed on top-tier exchanges.

We are long-term oriented and are excited to partner with projects that are building the future of blockchain ecosystem

  • Coverage across CEX, DEX and MM pools
  • No integration, monthly or other fees
  • 24/7/365 liquidity for your token
  • Competitive spreads even in fast markets
  • Statistics and insights of trading activity
  • OTC liquidity